Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today's Pictures

So today, I wanted to play around a little bit more with setting the shutter speed. I went to Partridge Creek Mall and took some pictures of one of the fountains there - these are my 2 faves:

I really love how the water in the first picture looks like jellyfish or aliens or something.

I also got to take some pictures of my nieces and nephew when we headed to their house to visit for Griffin's birthday...Happy Birthday, Griff!

How cute is that kid? I love those freckles! OK - here's one more of him...

here's his baby sister, Daphne...she's a cutie to photograph...I took like 100 pictures of her today so I had to severely restrain myself and only post 2.

and finally....a couple of Kendra, the ham.

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