Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Weekend's Photos

Last weekend, my friend, Jane, and I spent 4 days in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with Pat McGee, Stephen Kellogg, Michael Tolcher & the Kin. In short, we had our faces rocked off! It was an amazing time and I had fun playing with both my P&S and the D90. Results are below.

Pat McGee singing at lunch on Friday (taken with the Panasonic on automatic):

Michael Ghegan singing his heart out (Panasonic):

Photo below is of Pat taking a break during a photo shoot. I was trying to frame this with the hang glider in the back. I got the framing right just as Pat removed his sunglasses.

This one was taken with the D90 and is SOOC (straight out of the camera):

On our last day there, there were a ton of pelicans fishing in the morning. I got several pics of them, but the sun was so bright the pictures all came out overexposed. This is one of them after attempting to fix the exposure issues (using iPhoto).

This is the first picture I shot that weekend. DSLR, SOOC:

While we were there, we made friends with the event photographer, David Bergman. David is a highly repected and amazing, music and sports photographer. His stuff has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated (8 times), and he's toured with the Barenaked Ladies and Bon Jovi as their official tour photographer. He does great things with light, using remote flashes on the go. I was very appreciative that he tolerated my very novice questions. Now to convince Chris to let me attend one of his lighting workshops in NYC sometime. The pic below is of him shooting Pat and Pat's sound guy, "Big Sexy" Jay.

Check out David's website,, and his store where you can buy his concert photos, .

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