Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Help Me Choose!

Hi everyone!  I need your help.  Macomb Community College's Continuing Ed Dept (where I've been taking my photography classes) is hosting an art show next month and I can enter up to 3 of my photographs into the  show.  Problem is, I can't decide which photos to enter.   Below are the ones I think I like best (I've been looking at them so long, I can't tell anymore).

1) OBX

2) Sundial

3) flower @ Arboreteum in Ann Arbor

4) Pinecones

5) Pine Needles

6)  Butterfly

7) Tree face

8) Lion

9) Meerkat

10) Flower up close

11)  Prairie Dogs

12)  Bird!

13)  Lake in the Yukon Territory, Canada

14)  Cabins at Carcross

15)  College Fjord National Park, Alaska

16)  Old Mission Light House, Michigan

17) Hindu goddess, DIA

18)  Inuit Masks, DIA

19)  Mask, DIA

20)  Bird on a gate, DIA

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