Monday, July 19, 2010

Using your iPhone to take and edit photos

Summer view outside my building, originally uploaded by kathiag96.

Like most hobby photographers, I can't take my DSLR with me everywhere I go.  I usually try to carry my Panasonic Lumix point and shoot, but there are times I forget.  Luckily, like most people these days, I have a camera phone.  The camera on my phone (an iPhone) is decent to use in a pinch, especially if there is good natural light available.  Also, there are some great apps for editing iPhone pictures.  Right now I'm using theCamera + app.  Not only can you edit photos with cool effects, you can also use it to take photos.  It includes a zoom function which is great as the regular camera app on the iPhone doesn't allow you to zoom.   I took the above photo several weeks ago with my phone (the view of the Detroit River outside of my office building) and I used Camera + to add a border and HDR effect to the photo.

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