Friday, May 14, 2010

Today's Pictures

So today I got home from work and my new lens just arrived in the mail! Thanks, Amazon for your superfast shipping - it wasn't scheduled to be here until tomorrow but it came today!

So...I immediately went out to the backyard to take some pictures. The lens is s 50mm f/1.8 and it's awesome! It took some great shots! Here's my favorites:

These pictures are of our doggies/children, Hamlet & Ophie.

This first pic of Hamlet is good, except I didn't catch him in the sunlight so I think his face is a little too dark.

Better, I realized my shadow was in the way so I moved:

Ophie. I LOVE this. It really captures her personality. I can tell how much better shooting with SLR is. Normally I can't get this much color and definition in her face...usually you just see undefined blackness.

So that's it for pictures today....let me know what you think...critiques are appreciated!

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