Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A point of reference...

So, to give you a point of reference, I'm including some photos I've taken in the last few months...all of these were taken with my Panasonic Lumix point & shoot. Hopefully over the next several weeks, my pictures will get better. I'm starting to use our Nikon D80 so the pictures I post as part of my photography class will be shot with that.

This first photo was taken at my newphews' soccer game. My nephew is in the blue jersey - and I got this shot with luck...when shooting sports I usually use the continuous shooting mode and that's how I captured this shot.

One of my favorite things to photograph is concerts. I love capturing my favorite bands' performing on stage - especially when I get a fun shot that really showcases the band's personality. Also, the stage lighting usually makes for some cool effects. Below are a couple of shots I took on the Rock Boat this past January.

This photo is of Kyle from Dexter Freebish. I LOVE the angle of this photo, but hate that it's not in focus.

I like the next one for several reasons: the lighting and how the color matches Scott's tie, the facial expressions and the overall effect.

This one I like because I think I captured the moment really well.

And this one is the best one I think I took from the whole trip. Great interaction between the guys, it's in focus and you can see the Rock Boat logo in the background.

So that's a few of the photos I've taken before my class....hopefully the photos I get over the next few months will be an improvement on these.

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